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Why we all need a pair of joggers!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

” Who would have thought we would all be living in cosy clothes this year; I think this has influenced our love of a jogger"

At the start of this year, if you had asked me the top trends we would see, I am not sure I would have said joggers and loungewear, but then Covid-19 threw us a curve ball and we all ended up spending much more time in our homes, and as a result wanting to be comfortable.

For me, I think the jogger has become a real wardrobe staple, not only are they comfortable and easy to wear, but long gone are the ugly joggers’ days, where you only wore them to do the decorating or exercise in. They now look stylish and cool and are the perfect item to dress up or down.

Style Tips

I love to wear mine with trainers, and a hoody or one of our diagonal zip biker knits. Perfect for an everyday look, but stylish.

For evenings (yes, a jogger at night) I pair them with our cami silky vest and blazer, and a pair of heels. It's a really nice look for a night out.

Lifestyles trainers sporty luxe perfect with the diagonal zip biker knit or jersey studded sleeve blazer

So, the questions is....

How will you wear yours? Please send us pics to our social pages of you in any Allure items.


Tina x

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